11:11 The Sign of the Twin Flames

SMP, The After-Grad Party

Sometimes I wonder if Jonathan Scott has awareness of me.  The more I learn about the twin flame connection, the more I question if I’m the only one.  Maybe that’s why I see his soul so effortlessly; because we are one soul in two bodies?  If that’s the case, can he see mine?

Having ONE soul, also means having ONE Karma; we’re not individuals reaping what we sow, independent from others.  If one acts accordingly, the other benefits…..pays the price otherwise. 

Suspect Jonathan and I will never share memories from common lifetimes for this reason; only one of us is responsible for clearing the karmic debt associated with it.  He has “awareness” of a past life in which we were “sworn enemies“; sports a scar same location as his death blow……but doubt he would recall details in the same manner I did.  Found myself screaming, “YOU LEFT ME!  YOU WERE MY ONLY FRIEND; MY ONLY FAMILY AND YOU LEFT ME ALL ALONE!“……in Latin.  I don’t know Latin

Was supposed to spend this passed New Year’s with the love of my life; first of what was to be many.  Instead, rang in the year with my cats…….and my newest “stalker“.  Made certain he was reading Grandpa John – The First Guide at the stroke of midnight……so systems’ “Notifications” could “ding” me to his presence.  Wasn’t exactly the ball at Times Square

Future I witnessed is no longer in play…..was changed when Jonathan extended the terms of a contract.  Morning following JD and Annalee Dunn-Scott‘s wedding, every image of his kids I committed to memory…….was gone.  Still struggling with the grief. 

Death” used to chase me every January 24; finally got me in the collision.  Would’ve been final….had it not been for the Fates.  Primordial “magic” such as theirs leaves traces.  Every year on this date I experience a sharp blow to the side of my head……of an impact that never happened; a remnant from an alternate timeline.

Jonathan Silver Scott

On the first of this year…..at precisely 10:10 p.m. Jonathan wrote, “Once in a lifetime you meet someone who changes everything.“.  The last picture has him overshadowed by the sun……similar to this.  When contemplating exactly how I would complete this chronology, I put out into the Universe one question:  “How do I thank Jonathan Scott for helping save my life?”.  Response was two visions……the final of which had a sun near-identical to the one in that photo.

My daughters must be here by September 22, 2021 if I am to be their mother.  Has me a little worried.  See….unlike Jonathan, my “magic” cannot be taught to just anyone; only my descendants can inherit it.  If there are none, those old and ancestral ways die with me. 

Don’t put alot of stock into numbers; believe more in patterns.  Attended services for my mother‘s brother this week.  Was 77……just like my grandparents and great-grandfather.  Jonathan married on 777; met his wife in the aviation industry.  Sequence reminds me of Malaysia Flight 370; was a Boeing 777.  There were 3 hi-jackings; 541 fatalities connected to this model……last I checked.  Sum of this fatality number is 10.  Element of air in Tarot is represented by Swords; Spades, the playing card equivalent.  7 of Swords is all about trickery and cunning; need for diplomacy.  10 of Swords…..painful endings with no immediate new beginnings.  777 is only “lucky” for the religiously devote and those of Asian ancestry.     

This is my next-to-last article.  Reason being?  Jonathan doesn’t need an “earth angel” anymore.  Was privy to visions connected to a course laid out by Higher Powers for him, but he’s chosen a different path.  He’s found love.  Has taken to social media and the press to ensure their names and “love story” are forever synonymous.  I want love too……with a partner who’d include me in family functionsChristmases, birthdays; do a nose-dive to kiss me at midnight.  More than anything, I need someone not afraid to open the door……when I ring that bell.  Done all I can for this man.  It’s time for me to go.   

By God’s Grace

Got one last story to share.  Involves numbers; hidden “mysteries”.  In a rare first, was granted this particular day off.  Took advantage of the opportunity……wrote until four in the morning.  Planned to sleep ’til noon, but “kids” had other ideas; woke me at seven.

A snooze was necessary by eleven….so I took to the bedroom.  Tossed and turned for a bit…..until finally began to “sink” into rest.  At the point when I was mere nanoseconds away from complete knock-out…..Jonathan‘s voice broke the quiet; caused me to bolt up in bed like my a** was on fire!  Didn’t help I was naked.

Had whispered my name in my ear….my REAL name; something he’d not know……unless we’d met.  Could smell his breath; feel its heat against my cheek and earlobe.  Where his chest grazed my shoulder…..was red; fiery to the touch.  Spittled just a little when he spoke.  Checked my cheek; was wet….visible on my fingers.  A rip in time?  Maybe a bleed?

11/11 @ 11:11

Occurred at precisely 11:11…..on Remembrance Day.  Wouldn’t know until later…..11:11 is the sign of the Twin Flames.  Applied Tarot to the encryption……took less than a minute to decipher.  Assigned four of the “1” to each suit in the Minor Arcana…..the half of Tarot dealing with matters pertaining to “free-will” or “Destiny” choices.  Aces are all about “new beginnings”……which means the spread reads, “new beginnings…..in love; creativity; power/intellect; and securities….both family and financial”.

The Major Arcana is all about “divine influences” like “Fates“.  The card in its first position reminded me of Jonathan…..because it’s held by the Magician.  Even its meaning, “having finally gained a sense of mastery and direction after stumbling blind for so long”…..brings him instantly to mind.  My name….my real name is the same as the Goddess of Divine Bliss.  The card in Position 3 is the Empress.  Some decks refer to her as Goddess.  In both, she represents mother; fertility.

The only “11” in Tarot was not included here……for a reason; it was acting as a “bind” between Jonathan and myself.  It’s considered a “wild” card; its meaning interchangeable with the “8“…….the number most often associated with Infinity; True Love when coupled with a “1”.  The “wild” card in playing cards are “aces“, whose value can be “1, 11, or High” depending on the game.  Since we both use cards to channel “magic”, these “wild” cards were needed to create a Synchronous Magical Link; an “amp” necessary for the manifestation of things like “time bleeds”.

Confused yet?  That’s okay.  Detailing this more for myself…..before memory fades; a consequence of the car accident.  The jest of it is…..once the transition period is completed, there’ll be new beginnings in love, family, spiritual growth, and enterprise……for us both.  His new life has already started.  Hopefully mine will commence soon.  

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