The "Twin" Connection

Transcending Times

Ever heard the term “twin flames“?  I studied the Occult, Eastern Philosophies, Esoteric Arts; inherited all my family’s knowledge on the supernatural……..never knew ‘twin souls’ was a thing.  It’s rare because these persons don’t generally seek each other out.  Some say it’s because final ascension is required (the end of the reincarnation cycle) to trigger the need to search.  This would be true in my case,  Others believe it’s because as perfect mirror reflections of one another (not to be mistaken with perfect partner), one has to be open to see all…..the good, bad, and ugly in themselves……to be ready. 

Thing about Scotsmen is………they enjoy bragging about the finer details of their life to anyone who would listen.  These Property Brothers have taken it a step further in committing their stories to visual media.  What this meant for me was months of “glitch” blitz attacks, forcing me towards every piece of evidence available…….confirming a synchronous link between myself and Jonathan Scott beyond anything I knew was coincidentally possible.   


Normally I’m not a person who would look at food preferences to make comparisons.  It’s too broad an area…..too many people like much the same things.  Yet, Jonathan and Drew have mentioned some very specific things…….all of which, have meaning to me.

EGGS BENEDICTFor nearly ten years, my family and I have been doing Saturday morning breakfast.  It’s our family time together.  8 out of 10 times, I order Eggs Benedict.  Only rarely do I crave an omelette, skillet, or steak and eggs.

POTATOES:  Potatoes are my thing.  Doesn’t matter what form they come in……I LOVE them!  Funny thing is, I went through this phase where all I ate for a year was a potato…..morning, noon, and night.  Couldn’t figure out why, but when I learnt I was 5% Irish theorized it was because I was honouring my ancestors somehow…….perhaps some special anniversary year commemorating The Great Famine

WATER:  Anyone who knows me knows I’m a water kid.  Prefer it or ice to anything else.  Mom would fill huge mayonnaise jars full of water; send them along every time we were staying for an extended period in the country. 

GRILLED CHEESE & TOMATO SOUP:  Mom and I were the only ones to eat tomato soup.  Only deviation was when I was sick; then it was Lipton Chicken Noodle.  Soup always came from Campbell’s.  Grilled Cheese had to be darker toasted, no butter or oils.  Cheese was the “plastic” sliced kind, wrapped in plastic to keep it from drying.  Sometimes I got Christie soda crackers.  Prefer Stone Wheats…..which weren’t available at the time.  Eat these with cheese.

Only thing Jonathan likes I don’t have a fondness for is sushi……but I did try it, once.  Ate an entire bag of ketchup chips about 30 seconds before I tried a California roll.  Spit the thing clear across the food court.  Unfortunately it fell into a woman’s hair; got kicked out of the mall.  Wonder if it can be made with lemongrass.


In India, there is power in a name…….it’s why everyone goes by a nickname; to protect it.  I’ve used alternative names to reinvent myself, protect my family, and sometimes to even distance myself from them.  Never mentioned this earlier because it seemed moot, but Grandpa actually used the word “namesake” when defending Jonathan.  Thought it was about treating him with the same degree of respect as a member of our family……..until I learnt his birth name is John Ian Scott.  Brought so many other name-things into play.

1.  Jonathan is not the only one to have had two names in his life.  Grandfather was born Johann Herman….Hermann for his father.  Changed his name to John G. to honour his mother, whose maiden name was Goertzen.  Mom‘s name was spelt wrong; had to be legally changed.  And as for myself, I was born Marnie Schalla…….but the only record of this person’s existence are a birth and baptismal certificate. 

2.  Just like Jonathan, I too went by a stage name.  Mine included the middle name Schalla to honour my grandfather as he had honoured his mother.  Really wanna’ believe Jonathan was correct in stating his middle name is Silver…….because he likes the colour.  Given how things have gone…….chances are this is his mother’s or an ancestral name.  Can I still hope it’s because he won alot of silver medals?

3.  His older brother was born James Daniel, but goes by J.D. on all shows and social media.  Like him, I am an eldest child.  Though technically born Andrew, it’s interesting that Drew‘s and Jonathan‘s first initial make up his name.  My name is composed of the suffix of a sibling, who is five and a half months younger than J.D.………and prefix of another, exactly five months younger than the twins.  We are S-V-S.  They are JJD.

4.  In German, my grandfather‘s name is Johann.  The female equivalent is Johanna.  Now-a-days it can mean Joan or Joanna, but in his day it had only one translation…….Joanne.  Jonathan‘s mother’s name is Joanne.

5.  Jonathan‘s last girlfriend was a woman with an unusual name.  If you eliminate one character from her name and rearrange the rest, you have my name…….phonetically. 

6.  My mom was Jacqueline; her father, John.  My brother, who is my look-a-like, deeply loved a woman named Jacqueline whose father’s name was John.  This girlfriend was a twin…..not identical, but she was the spitting image of Taylor Swift.  Interesting thing about this family is they have a last name only one character different from Jonathan‘s……..but when spoken it always sounds like Scott.  Maybe Jonathan‘s destined to adopt a child named Jacqueline.


Don’t know if Jonathan had baby measles; scarlet fever; growing pains; abscesses; eczema; floating kneecaps…….redefined chicken pox; reacted to vaccines; was accused of being “oversensitive; chewed his nails; cut his leg; has weaker upper arms due to tendon calcification, or problems with limbs and throat.  Can’t say if he sneezes a gazillion times in a row; has an eye that remains fixed and another which doesn’t while eating; strawberry marks on his wrist; a big ole scar between his butt cheeks; or Tasmanian Devil Eyes in the bedroom.  What I can say is there are more than enough scars, birthmarks, and other peculiarities to cause wonder; especially given these anomalies are equidistant apart.   

1.  Jonathan has a scar just off-centre and above his right eyebrow; got when running or falling against the fireplace.  At three, my brother scratched my right cheek with his baby claws.  Left a scar, visible when my immune system is low.  Our individual scars are equal distance apart…….just opposite directions, if measured from the centre of the eye.

2.  I do on occasion sleep with an eye or two open.  Have even had apparently the best phone sex while asleep.  As a child I did sleep-walk and have “night-terrors”…….though mine were associated with past life traumas.  Don’t know if Jonathan ever wet the bed.  Sure I would have heard if he’d awoken to levitating above it. 

3.  I’m multi-jointed, to the point it takes months before I figure out I’ve broken a bone.  Suspected Jonathan was hyper-flexible during his Dream House tour.  Had no confirmation of this until this passed winter.  Broke his wrist too; didn’t realize it for days.   

Jonathan Silver Scott

4.  Seen various pictures of the back of Jonathan‘s hands…….and are always shocked at how closely they resemble mine.  Actually have my mom‘s hands…….mine are just a little smaller.  Nephew has them too.  Of his palms…..Jonathan‘s left looks near exact to mine; lines are just a little darker.  Of his right… dad‘s is like that.  Brother also, but on both his hands.  Paternal grandfather had two lines on each.   Always assumed this was an Indian thing. 

5.  Jonathan was born with a birthmark on his head.  Said in an interview it prevented him from shaving it.  Was gonna’ go all Sinead O’Connor following my eighteenth birthday…….as an act of rebellion.  Day before, some drunk frat boy threw me across the room because I refused to strip for him.  Cut my skull on the stereo…..which ended the “Sinead Dream”.  Scar is located about an inch behind his birthmark. 

6.  Had a gap between my front teeth until I lost them in an accident at the age of seven.  Apparently both Jonathan and Drew had gaps between their teeth, but had them filled some years back.

7.  At my first spiritual retreat, big dog bit my arm……took a chunk out, just as I saw a translucent figure walk out my body.  Spike went through Jonathan‘s arm as he was performing a magic trick.  Our injuries are on opposite sides of the same elbow.  If his happened September, 1999 or 2002……I’m totally freaking out.   


Think I mentioned having braided hangers.  Not sure I said anything about being a clown for several Halloweens……mostly because my costumes were handed-down from my cousins.  Attempted one year to create a suit of armour…….that somehow morphed into a robot.  Dabbled in carpentry; made furniture and clothing for my dolls.  Would go on to become a costume designer……..make quilts like my ancestors.  Eventually I’d research our family history; liked everything about roots, history, and pedigree.

Always wanted to travel to every country in the world.  Learnt multiple languages…….because I wished to speak to everyone in their native tongue.  Collected coins from all the places I visited.  Interest in all things cryptozoology, had me placing Loch Ness on a bucket list when I was five.  Did Greece through Archaeological programs……where I got to touch antiquities not held by human hands for thousands of years.  Always wanted to restore a castle with a rich, sordid history; perhaps harbouring some ghosts too.  Think Banff Springs Hotel is one of the finest Canada offers the world.

Summers vacations were lived at Fun Mountain, Grand Beach, or in the country visiting family.  Best family road-trip had us exploring caves, mines, and panning for gold.  Dinosaur excavation sites were cool too.         

Practically lived in roller skates my first ten years.  Played pool, badminton, hockey, volleyball.  Trained to be a weightlifter……until I discovered sex.  Always loved the beach, ocean, pools…..anything to do with swimming.  Was a competitive bowler……tap, jazz, and baton too.  Father read a book on softball, just so we wouldn’t lose our team for failure to have a coach.

Contributed photos and stories to yearbook.  Was part of the school newspaper…..for the one and only issue they allowed us to publish.  Big into drama……writing scripts; serving as assistant director/stage manager.  Student council and grad committee was a must…….because there just aren’t to add to a resume.  Did statistics and assisted on both the Boys & Girls Varsity Basketball Team.

Activities I never thought would be of interest were fencing, canoeing, golf, archery, and photography.  Actually gave serious consideration to doing photography professionally.  Gymnastics was an all-time favourite …….until giving myself a DDT put me out for the season.  Not even sure what that is, but my former classmates still laugh about it.     

Never learnt to play as many musical instruments as I’d like, but had lessons on the organ and recorder.  Drove my family crazy playing “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” over and over again……as this was my favourite Christmas classic.

Madonna was my childhood guru.  Wanted to be wild, powerful, and a little crazy just like her.  I was the woman who could be found dancing atop a table at the bars.  Quieter activities had me enjoying shows of all kinds.  Phantom of the Opera played often in the house.

As the expert on all things “spooky” and supernatural, I went on ghost hunts and tours; played with Ouija and Tarot.  Like Jonathan with his magic, I was popular at parties because of my ability to get a group to successfully levitate a person.  Also had a past life in which I saw Harry Houdini perform live. 

I am Mom to fur-children.  I bake for them.  Bake for lots every Christmas……enough to feed 100-200 people.  Give sweets instead of gifts……..especially to those who don’t receive anything.  Holidays are hard when alone.  Just want them to know they’re not forgotten.

Know any other woman would be thrilled to discover they were Jonathan Scott‘s “spiritual twin”, but for me……… made co-operation on this journey difficult.  Constantly felt like the worst version of myself.  Didn’t want to be reminded of how small and insignificant I truly was.  Began working double-time, sacrificing everything else……….because I needed to be done with all things Property Brother.      


  1. Oh my fucking God woman, you are seriously mentally ill. JONATHAN SCOTT DOES NOT WANT TO DATE YOU. HE DOES NOT WANT TO FUCK YOU. HE DOES NOT WANT TO MARRY YOU. And blogs like this only prove that YOU ARE FUCKING NUTS. Get help. Take meds. Go into a coma, you sick twisted cunt.


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