Home Again

Scottish men are by nature very romantic, super generous, have stamina up the yin-yang, and well…..let’s just say God didn’t “chintz” on them.  A small few feel so deeply, they become overwhelmed by new sensations……suffer panic and anxiety attacks in response.  Jonathan Scott falls into this category……and I’m pointing this out because there are a million women who think what they see on Property BrothersProperty Brothers – Buying And Selling, and social media is who he is.  It is him…….in a work environment, but not a social or personal one.  One special lady will see the difference……know how to calm and soothe him when emotions run high.  Have no doubt Jonathan will find her……when he’s ready to see.     

The Scott Family

As for me, everything about these guys keeps bringing me back “home“……awakening skills and senses I thought long lost.  “Industry eyes” and “designer’s mind” have returned, making it impossible to mindlessly enjoy the visual aspects of this empire for its entertainment value.  “Corporate kid” sees only the similarities to our company…….cannot mistake Jonathan and Drew as “the product” the way others do.  They are the creators…..lent their faces to provide an image to a brand known as Property Brothers.  They are also men……..ones the world loves because of their business, but so much more than their empire.   

My “parts” may be merging into a whole new me…….but I’m still fighting the process.  Reason being is the closer I get to “what I’m to be“, the stronger and more bizarre this connection to Jonathan Scott becomes.  Case in point…….I know his address.  LITERALLY popped up on my screen.  Of the two options, I chose his street and house number because I saw it as Fate……TRIPLE FATE!  Believed it a rental property……until I flipped through the pictures.  Wonder what exactly he was wishing for when he blew out those candles.    

The information on the Internet attached to this address is not good.  Nothing criminal, but enough for competitors to do some serious damage and family/friends to be put at risk.  Formulating a plan to get this stuff removed; assume that’s why I was “led” here.  Keep thinking, “What if it were our family?“.  Mom would have wanted our image to be “squeaky clean”; control what the public sees.  Fans don’t need to know the finer points of this man’s business and finances.     

Someone asked, “What would you say to Jonathan Scott if you won a dinner with him?” and my response was, “Nothing.  I’d give my prize to Funds For Pets to auction for charity.”.  Really….I didn’t want him to see me; know what I ever looked like.  I’m kinda’ a spaz when it comes to meeting people for the first time; feel like an awkward fourteen year-old virgin.  Body responds much that way too.  Make such a bad first impression.  Don’t know how to sell myself right.     

Jonathan Silver Scott

I am curious about Jonathan‘s take on large conglomerates controlling solar power.  Asked him twice, but he never responded.  Not sure if he knows that as recent as 20 years ago, these corporations laid out large grids in the desert……accelerated the depletion of the ozone layer nearly 30 years by creating a greenhouse effect…….all in ONE YEAR.  Was taught every single person makes a difference in this fight, but there was no way to measure it……until now.  If a town like Vegas offered incentives to entice every person to equip their home with solar panels, the excess would be more than enough to power the entire city.  An urban centre run solely on solar energy……what a concept.  Wonder if this is one of his goals.       

Thought alot about the family homestead while watching Property Brothers – At Home on the RanchJonathan‘s ideas about “Eco-Chic” on Brother vs. Brother took me there again.  Has always been my dream to build a sustainable dwelling using recycled materials and the latest in environmental technological advancements………because of my parents.  They built our house with their own hands.  Only thing contracted was the pouring of the foundation.  Know their choices had more to do with financial constraints than awareness of environmental impact, but I like how every brick in our home came from another building.  Not only left our house haunted, but provided a great story about how Dad sifted through the rubble at demolition sites looking for intact bricks; paid a penny a piece for them.

Wiring in the house is a little funky, but that’s because Dad went to construction sites looking for excess to purchase at discount.  Walls are filled with lots of white and red……but no green for grounding.  He swears it’s in there though.  Suppose I could go to the library……check out those Time Life books he learnt to do wiring and plumbing.

Bet Jonathan can’t say he was atop a roof as early as six months.  Yes, “terrified-of-heights” me was was on a roof before the age of one; parents jerry-rigged a pulley system to get me up.  Mom was terrified of heights too…….but Dad made her go up with him.  Wonder if it’s time for a new roof yet?

Dad actually created most of the tools he used to make the house.  What he couldn’t create, he borrowed.  Moved in my first Christmas……house still uncompleted.  Learnt to walk on sub-floor.  First carpet came from a dumpster.  When I complained about all the holes and dirt Dad just said, “What are you talking about?  Kids in India would LOVE to have a carpet under their dirt!”.  Was always so much better off than the kids in India.

My Childhood Home

I didn’t have an atypical upbringing…….and I’m kinda’ glad I didn’t.  I was the kid who had to mow the lawn……but also got to go on wheelbarrow rides.  Started working soon after we acquired a factory……..where Dad hoisted us up on the forklift and drove around the property.  Spent alot of time talking to him about energy efficiency and environmental concerns.  His dream was always to go to Africa…….build wells and bridges.  That ended when Mom died.  I don’t say this enough to him, but I’m really grateful for the life he and my mom gave me.  I hope I’m doing them proud by writing about them. 

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  1. You're absolutely insane. You have dedicated an entire blog to profession of love for a man you don't know and have never met. Get a grip and grow up.


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