"Sailing With The Scotts"

Sailing With The Scotts 2018 Highlights

Every once in a while an object comes into my possession I know is not meant for me.  I’ll be drawn to it quite suddenly; find myself playing with the idea of having it more and more until “needing” it grows into an obsession.  The instant I become overwhelmed by the certainty it HAS TO be with me, I obtain it…….only to discover, I’m simply meant to hold onto it for safe keeping.  The person whom it’s truly for eventually is sent to me.   

There’s been a reason for everything on this journey……including my growing interest in Sailing With The Scotts.  Didn’t start out that way.  Was only meant to be an option IF I could not deter my brother from this cruise idea.  Got nothing against cruises.  Haven’t even been on one.  It’s just……the one he had in mind would not have been anywhere close to fun for me. 

After hearing about Sailing With The Scotts on Google Talk, took to the Internet searching for details.  Somehow found myself rerouted to Jonathan Scott‘s Twitter page.  Don’t do Twitter.  Never understood it.  Had no intentions of following Drew and Jonathan on any social media platforms.

The cost of airfare/cruise for this four-day excursion was too extravagant to seriously consider at the time.  Felt no “disturbances in the force” which was good…….meant the “cosmos” wasn’t gonna’ challenge me on this decision.  Still, wanted to find some way to go if I could.  Thought about offering my brother to the Property Brothers; he is after all a professional Swing dance instructor and as I saw it, it was my right as his sister to make him work for free if it meant a reduced fare for me.

Things only began to get strange when I discovered Sailing With The Scotts was holding a contest.  I ABSOLUTELY HAD TO win!  The compulsion to enter was so great I couldn’t sleep, eat, or think straight because I NEEDED to be on that ship!  Had no desire to meet the Property Brothers…..which made no sense because I’d have to meet them if I won.  Only knew I had to at the very least try and get on the ship…..entering this contest was somehow imperative to “a meeting I had with destiny”. 

The moment I submitted my entry, the terrible compulsive feeling dissipated.  Still told everyone I was gonna’ win; even made my boss book me off for that week……but it didn’t matter if I did.  Whatever this was, I’d done what I needed to do for destiny to intervene.  Hitting that button set things in motion. 

Sailing With The Scotts 2018 – Youtube

The only big change to happen in my life is I began following Jonathan on Twitter.  Made sense to do so given every time I searched the web for news regarding Sailing With The Scotts, it always took me to his page.

I followed for approximately three weeks….initially.  Have since “unfollowed” twice…..am currently following again.  There are reasons for this…..the first being this was always supposed to be temporary for me.  I followed for updates on Sailing With The Scotts; stayed because of the blog.  Have had a cyber-stalker up my a** since 2011…….who makes my experiences on social media quite miserable.  He’d keep away……if my name were as big as Jonathan Scott‘s, but it isn’t.  I’d hoped only to finish these articles before he got wind I was back on social sites.     

There have been other stalking situations closer to home.  First happened when I was 9; the last at 25.  Police were involved in both cases.  Jonathan Scott has some incredibly amazing fans who are very kind and supportive of him…….but a few are extremely fanatical.  Being part of this fanbase was causing me to relive some of those painful memories.  I needed a break from the circus of his life……if for nothing else than to sort through my own issues.   

My biggest concern had to do with his tweets.  Of twenty-one days, at least twelve of them were in-sync with my thoughts.  Some wording was near identical; other postings read like responses.  I normally wouldn’t have given it any never-mind, but there were so many in such a short span of time…..it was making me nervous. 

Already been struggling with the fact Jonathan‘s somehow connected to two generations of mediums…..my mother and grandfather, my connections to family, roots, heritage.  Didn’t go unnoticed that I too am connected to heritage, roots, and family for him through passed love interests.  This 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon was bad, but nothing directly linked us to one another.  These posts, however, were pushing the envelope…..coming dangerously close to breaking our nice distance.

Jonathan Silver Scott

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