Fergus….FITCH Ferguson – The Second Guide

Scotsmen are crazy….no ifs, ands, or buts about it.  They’re crazier still when they’re dead.  My second guide is a Scotsman, but not from the original settlement in which my city now stands.  He’s related to the Scott family……or at least thinks he is.  Likely a ghostie who saw the family on a trip and decided to adopt the bunch of them.  Sees the boys as nephews; has a special affinity for Jonathan.

Map of Scotland

Looks to be middle aged.  Shows himself mostly bald; sometimes with facial hair, sometimes without.  Is a very tall, slender fella’ with muscles.  I know this because he doesn’t often wear a shirt.  Suffers from “Scottish halitosis breathe”.  Can change his form however he wishes…..so shouldn’t be an issue, but don’t know if he truly understands this.  Perhaps he just likes remaining true to his former self.     

When he shouts his name (which he does every time he manifests) it sounds like he’s saying “Fearghus”, but his accent is so thick it’s hard to tell.  I call him Fergus…..perhaps because the words “FITCH Ferguson” always flash before my eyes.  Could be a name or place.  Really not sure.  What I do know is the “son” is partially obscure.  Can only guess as to its significance….but he does have an almost fatherly love and concern for Jonathan Scott.

Doesn’t identify Jonathan as a “Jonathan“.  Names like “JonJon”, “JonJonBoy”, “John Boy”, “Johnny Boy” most often pop into my head.  When he speaks though, it sounds as if he’s saying “E-yen E-yen” with a long “E”, hard “y”, and short “i”……..the English version being “Ian Ian”.  Sometimes “Sean Sean” comes to mind, but the “sh” sounds more like a “jhu”.  There’s always an accent aigu over the “S”.  Have no idea what it all means.

Can’t figure out how Fergus is even able to appear in my home.  Maybe the “Crowley/Allister” chant I mentioned in Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned?  It always signals his arrival.  Heard it when watching Property Brothers – At Home On The Ranch and every time I attempt to watch Property Brothers – At Home…..guess which scene.  Thing is, my home is warded against unwelcome spiritual intruders; has been ever since a nasty bugger invaded my space.  Only family can pass this barrier.  Know he is 100% Jonathan Scott‘s spirit protector and that we are in no way related……but I am at a loss to explain how he has the same rights, privileges, and influences as if there were blood between us.

MacRae Bagpipes SL4

He’s not making as much of a nuisance of himself these days, but when he first arrived the song “Earth Angel” played non-stop in my head.  As I said in J.S. Schalla – The Third Guide, I only think of my mom when I hear it…….of her cranking up the tunes and the bloody lady getting into our car.  Hadn’t a clue this was a message…..until she came to his aid.  Showed me a likeness of myself as the wee kids saw me…..so I could understand what he was asking.     

The electrical impulses coursing through my body were such small children mistook the electro-magnetic field it produced as angel light……those years where my health was optimal.  Didn’t realize how much I was wishing just one adult could see me through their eyes until Fergus showed up….calling me “Angel”.

By the sheer number of men who suddenly found themselves lost on my doorsteps, gathered my empathic abilities were of particular interest to him.  These guys were led to me to establish a link……between my “calling” and Jonathan Scott.  I say this because they appeared every time Fergus popped into my line of vision…….which occurred every time Jonathan sat on that floor packing away photos of his ex-wife.

I have a unique talent in that men suffering from heartbreak somehow find me.  Sometimes spirits bring my image to those needing me in their sleep.  Other times I’m prompted to their arrival by the opening line, “Didn’t we meet…..” or “I know you from…..”.  Rarely do I know these people.  It’s not an everyday occurrence; just once or twice a year.  I like the ones requiring my presence only so they can weep.  Always speak of a particular event they never told anyone.  A small few suffer to such a degree I have to ease their pain before directing them to cycles and patterns no longer serving their needs.

Of Jonathan Scott, something happened in his youth to cause a seed of doubt and/or fear connected to self worth/value/love to root.  Don’t know what the event was…..whether it was big or small.  Fergus only gave me an approximate time and place.    

He ABSOLUTELY HATES “the city of sin”, but has made a vow to someone to always care for Jonathan as if he were his own.  Acts like a ghost parent……stroking his hair, rubbing his back when he’s sad or sick.  Laments about not being able to hold and comfort him when things are really bad…..”as an ‘Earth Angel’ could”.  Find it best not to engage him when he’s dazzling me with “Scottish” guilt. 

Went to seek advice from an old mentor after experiencing aberrations in my abilities.  Seems I now can lapse into a LIVE memory……belonging to another person.  Thought maybe this was happening because I was attempting to actively tap into my mystical side……but it’s only been the isolated memory involving that one person.  If I think too long and hard on it, I lapse into another LIVE memory session and cannot disconnect until all the motions are completed.  The pain always feels like it’s mine too.     
She couldn’t offer me much on the three spirits, Property Brothers, or Jonathan Scott…..but when I asked to have my cards read, pulled out the “Angel” Tarot Deck.  I didn’t say anything to her about angels.  All I remember is once I’ve completed whatever it is I’ve been tasked to do, there’s supposed to be a person with the qualities of the Archangel Gabriel I somehow find from all this.  I don’t even remember any of the Bible stories about Gabriel
I cannot help Jonathan Scott “heal his heart” in the manner in which Fergus would like……for a number of reasons.  Firstly, Jonathan is a completely inaccessible man……and Fergus is 100% oblivious to this.  Secondly, I don’t help anyone who does not seek me because “knowing” something about someone who is not open or ready to own his sh*t, only causes damage.  Thirdly, I am more than willing to tap all my abilities to help this man…….but only lasting love can heal his heart.  How in the hell am I supposed to find HIS soulmate, when I can’t even find MY OWN?!!!!  Lastly, I have done everything I can to put it out there that I’m here.  As his spirit guide and protector, it’s up to Fergus to lead him.      
Las Vegas, Nevada – The Strip

I am tired.  I need a break.  I am leaving for Vegas next week…..and the only thing I am planning to do is live the motto:  “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”.  So help me God…..if it’s the last thing I do……I am putting an end to this 25 year virgin streak!!!!!!!!!!  Okay.  I cannot recapture my youth by drinking copious amounts of booze and dancing on top speakers topless……not with all the family deciding to join me for the birthday festivities.  Still, some sleep followed by fun in the sun and absolutely no snow in sight is just what this girl needs.  I’m going on vacation, Universe.  You handle things ’til I get back.  

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