J.S. Schalla – The Third Guide

Jacqueline, Age 16

Mom was right to deter me from seeing Brothers Take New Orleans.  As soon as I did, my mind became flooded with memories of her.  It’s funny.  I couldn’t even recall her name following the accident; had to trick someone into telling me.  All I remembered of her was her cranking the tunes the instant “Earth Angel” came on the radio and singing badly to it.  A second incident involved her opening the door; telling a bloodied woman to get into the car.  Boyfriend was beating on her in the streets.  No one else was willing to intervene.  Am told I have her hands. 

She’s the reason I gave up my coveted position as In-House Costume Designer to take on the challenge of developing a young theatre company’s image.  I was the best candidate for the job….later titled Director of Development….simply because I was the only one who had any experience with the day-to-day running of a business, raising funds, working with the disadvantaged, educating children, creating something from nothing.  She gave me all those tools.

Mom was champion to the down-trodden; the underdogs….always referred to herself as a “sh*t disturber”.  Had us doing charity work with her from a young age.  Renamed the “Women’s Auxillary” “The Stitch-And-B*tch” club and put all us kids to work braiding hangers.  When the school was in need of a tennis court, basketball court, massive jungle complex, and a new building she headed the committee to stage a carnival.  Went door-to-door begging for everything.  Came home one day to find the living room a sea of candy, nearly three-feet in height.  Started a fund-raising campaign called the Bike-A-Thon, which is still an an annual event at that school. 

We had an open-door policy in our house, where everyone was welcome.  There were usually between five to fifteen additional mouths to feed on any given day.  Ours was the first accommodation of every cousin moving to the city.  Had Dad’s family from India living with us too.  Friends who resided in the country were encouraged to stay with us during the winter months…..and some in both high school and university did.  Anyone having no place to go for the holidays were invited to our table…..including complete strangers she picked off the street.

She LOVED hosting parties…..and looked for every opportunity to have one.  Was quite the social butterfly…..with a gift for gab just like her dad.  Brother used to sell her cookies for $1 a piece…..funded his whole comic book collection.  Many wished she were their mom.  Was so loved by the children, they bought her a bracelet and put together a recipe book as a thank you for always being there.  Cousins still tell me she was their favourite aunt.  Some have chosen to name their kids after her. 

She was a night-owl with a morbid curiosity fringing on the macabre.  As soon as summer vacation began, she had us living the nightlife with her.  We’d often go for slurpees at three a.m.; head out for late-night snacks minutes after Dad went to bed; or just stay up all night watching monster movies.  Was a huge fan of the RKO pictures or anything starring, Boris KarloffBela Lugosi, and Lon Chaney Jr..  When the restaurant notorious for constantly getting struck by lightning was once again on fire, she’d pack us into the car so we could go watch the festivities.  In all fairness to her, we were not the only family who made an outing of this.   

Dad and Mom

Mom was a nurse when my parents met.  Left her job to raise her family…..as many women did in those days.  Was integral in helping Dad establish a foothold in the hearth industry.  I know girls my age had so many more options than the generation before, but I wanted this life too…..just not with a guy ten years my senior.  Careers are great, but my desire was such I would have left a lucrative one at its height…..had the right person for me come along.   

This woman could be bossy….probably because she had big brass balls!  Must explain why people say I’m bossy too.  There is a story behind this….but it’s kinda’ twisty in an almost “coincidental” sorta’ way.  We were both 16 when a knife was placed to our backs.  Each event took place on the same stretch of road, only a block apart.  In her case she was cashing her first paycheck…..refused to give the guy her money because without it, she’d have to move back to the country.  Said she’d rather die than go home.  In my case it was a carjacking…..and I refused to give him my car or take him anywhere…..because I was more afraid of my mother than I was of him.  Even said so.  Told him she couldn’t yell at me if I were dead.  Maybe not the best story, but after he pulled my hair and I slapped his face, he laughed.  Told me I had big brass balls, then left.  The guy who came to my mother’s rescue told her the same thing.  I kinda’ like that we’re made of the same stuff.

Did you know that if Jonathan Scott were to take one of Drew‘s children and have them DNA tested, the results would come back 98% positive he was the father?  Even David Copperfield can’t pull off magic like that.  Their children will also biologically be half siblings…..but not J.D.‘s kids.  Mom knew all this weird stuff about twins……mainly because her family tree is chalked full of them.

Mom, Me, And Sister in Tummy

Ours is the only branch without twin births for nearly five generations; now seven.  Mom always believed my sister or I would herald in a new era; bring them back to our direct line.  I hate to disappoint her, but my sister’s already had her children……and even as a born-again virgin, I can’t seem to give it away. 

She was a “sensitive” just as I.  She had the ability to communicate telepathically with all her children since birth……though I don’t know if she had this same relationship with her parents.  Always wished she could prophesize reading sand like her grandmother, whose skills were so renowned she made a living of it.  Mom could never see or speak directly to spirits like I, but she could sense them.  Was shocked to hear her speak of the “betwixed” place just before she died…..and even refer to it by name.  Thought I was the only one with this ability.  She could read omens and was often visited by birds when someone was passing….just like her grandmother.  The birds are connected to passings on her side, but on Dad’s we all dream of water.  According to dream interpretations, water signifies rebirth…..which for a culture that believes in reincarnation means both death and birth.  Her premonitions usually came in the form of dreams….but not always.  They were, however, limited to family and friends whereas my visions are all about plane crashes, terrorist attacks, and every man-made horror with a high death toll.  She had incidences of retrocognition too, but as far as I recall could not hold objects in her hand and see past events connected to it.  Perhaps her greatest gift to the world was her empathy.  She was not a “true” empath in that she was physically affected by others’ moods and pains……but she did have an uncanny ability to connect with all individuals and attract those who needed her most.  She made comforting others look so simple.

I understand why I was prevented from viewing Brothers Take New Orleans before I reached a certain state to see something specific about Jonathan Scott, but I’m glad these memories of my mother were returned to me.  She’d come to the aid of the second spirit guide, yet wait until after I knew without doubt I was being deliberately led to reveal her intentions for me.  What she asked of me was big…..something far too large to attach in this article.  What it was, would cause me to fight her every step of the way……but ultimately it would lead me exactly where I needed to go.  

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